Shamim and Manasa
Fijian Foodies


“Fijian foodies have got this all the way.”

Shamim: Cooking together we sometimes disagree with each other but that's what brings out the best in each other. At the end of day, it's just one plate that is going to go through. Family for both of us is the main priority for our goal. It's what we all work for and what we want to achieve is all for our family. Our cooking style is we bring in the old version of cooking and give it a modern twist.

Manasa: Fijian culture and Fijian people we just love food. Our big dream is to own a restaurant together of Fijian cuisine and showcasing it to world what Fijian is all about. Food is a way of keeping people happy and bringing the whole family together. If we could represent Fiji it would mean a lot to us. We would be representing Fiji on the biggest stage in the Pacific.



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