Rachael and Timo
Aunty and Nephew


"Being with family is paradise – laugh together, cook together."

Rachael: I believe in family bonding. We are close. My nephew has been a great buddy. We live together, we are a family. We just get along, most things we do together. There is something within us that makes us buddies. I would really love to see old Fijian traditional way back into the kitchens with healthy ingredients. We will dedicate this to Timo’s father for trying to get us from a level down to a level up.

Timo: My aunty is the greatest. She puts family first. Really, I am really a shy kid but I am trying to be competitive. She’s too bossy but I can live with that.
I have been caring for my dad for a year now. He had a kidney failure. Lately he passed and it’s a big thing for me. He is now in the hands of our almighty God. He really would love to see what I have been trying to do – this is for him. The food is so unique that we cannot take the taste away from my heads. My cooking style is to mix traditional and modern foods. My goal is to own my own restaurant.



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