Lucy and Maeva
Foodie Mummas


“We are the mums and we are going to be number one.”

Lucy: Maeva and I have been friends since we were six years old. We both have five children. There’s always food in Vanuatu. Traditional food here is very important. My mother-in-law had a stroke because of the high blood pressure and diabetes. I try to do the best in my kitchen giving her a healthy life again. We want to be in this competition to show mothers how they help each other, keep each other healthy and keep on going with our healthy people.

Maeva: We are very close like sisters. Whatever we do together we always have lots of fun. We don’t only depend on buying food from the market, we harvest from our gardens. We are not professional chefs, we are just home cooks but we are passionate about our traditional food. What makes Vanuatu special is the love, rich soil, how the people are passionate about growing the food makes Vanuatu food just right. Food unites everyone together. We are the mums and we are going to be number one.



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