Josh and Nox
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"If you don’t have food, you don’t have life."

Josh: Nonga (Nox) and I are youth workers and also best friends. What excites me working with youth in Tonga it’s the untapped potential. Through music, through dance, through every other creative ways. We want to promote a positive new Tonga for our young people. Nonga is usually the boss of our cooking. I am definitely the chopper. We pretty much grab whatever is around. Sometime we will go outside and see if the taro leaves have grown and or see if the mei (breadfruit) has come out and cook all of that together and see what we come up with. Food is life.

Nox: When people eat my cooking, all they say is that its yummy in Tonga. I don’t really have a cooking style. I am just doing the old family style. Both of our mothers died. She had really high blood pressure. Really, real sad time for me. I think that is what really makes me want to push this. We need to change the way we eat and we have to be healthy in order for us to stay longer on earth. Food is really important because that is when we see each other and our culture.



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